PETKOV & PETKOV is a law firm based in Sofia, BULGARIA. We specialize in providing high quality legal services in the field of civil, commercial and administrative law, civil litigation, consulting of investment projects, public procurement etc. Our firm successfully co-operates with a wide range of specialists in the field of investment, real estate, private enforcement, with the local and central administration.

Why invest in Bulgaria?

Low cost of doing business

Bulgaria has the most favourable tax regime in Europe. Corporate income tax rate is 10%, the lowest in the EU. Personal income tax is 10 %, flat rate. Industries in high-unemployment areas are granted 0% tax rate
There is a 2-year VAT exemption for imports of equipment for investment projects over €5 million, creating at least 50 jobs
Depreciation time for computers and new
manufacturing equipment is 2 years

Human resources

Work force is well educated, highly skilled and multilingual
62.2 % of the total population is in working age (appr. 4.6 million)
60 000 students annually graduate from 51 universities
98% of the high school students study a foreign language (usually English) and 73% study a second language (mainly German, French, Spanish)
94% of the schools have Internet access

Access to markets

Due to its location Bulgaria provides direct access to the following key markets:
European Union - zero tariff market with population of 500 million
CIS – still not well penetrated market with a high potential
Turkey - zero tariff market of near 80 million population
Middle East – a market with high purchasing power
North African market