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Brief Tax Comparison Between Greece and Bulgaria
Tax Greece Bulgaria Corporate tax 26/33% 10% Personal income tax 10-42% 10% VAT 0%-23% 0%, 9%, 20% Dividend tax 10% 5% Luxury tax 5%-10% 0%
Residence and Citizenship of the Republic of Bulgaria
  RESIDENCE BY VIRTUE OF EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP WITHOUT THE STATUTE OF CONTINUOUS OR PERMANENT RESIDENCE A citizen of the European Union may stay in the Republic of Bulgaria if he /she is a holder of a valid identity card or a valid passport for a term of up to three[...]
Q&A on Starting a Company in Bulgaria
Q: Which are the advantages of establishing a company in Bulgaria? A: The biggest advantage are the low tax rates. Both the personal income tax and the corporate tax are at a 10% rate, regardless of the amount. The banking system is also among the best in Europe in terms[...]
Bulgaria’s SOFIX Second Best Performing Index in CEE in March
After Bulgaria’s leading index SOFIX returned to a growth path in March, it has been moving up in the rankings of Central and Eastern Europe. According to calculations of Bulgarian business news portal investor.bg, based on Bloomberg data, SOFIX moved to second place among the top-performing indices in the CEE[...]
“I still cannot reveal details about the project, but it will soon become clear,” Yanev said.   In the discussion about the development possiblities of Pleven and the region and the attraction of more investors participated  vice PM Meglena Kuneva, Ms. Daniela Vezieva, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic[...]